More than just New Orleans Sushi,
Origami is a Feast for the Senses

New Orleans SushiFeaturing the dynamic duo of Master New Orleans Sushi Chefs Mitsuko Tanner and Thuan Vu. Origami is New Orleans Sushi at it’s finest, truly a feast for the senses. With specialty cocktails, unique rolls, spectacular sushi, and sashimi platters, our New Orleans Sushi Chefs translate Japanese flavors and fuse them for the New Orleans palate.

Signature dishes include the funky margarita; a crawfish roll layered with tuna, salmon and guacamole, and the burning man; pepper-crusted tuna and avocado layered over a tuna roll. With superb talent and exacting precision, Mitsuko Tanner, Thuan Vu, and Atsushi Morisita are changing the face of Japanese cuisine and sushi in New Orleans.

  • Nigiri-sushi (hand-formed), slices of fish or other foods on pads of rice.
  • Maki-sushi (includes: handrolls, temaki—maki means roll), rolled sushi.
  • Chirashi-sushi (chiriashi; to scatter), fish and other items served on top of a bowl of vinegared sushi rice.
  • Oshi-sushi (oshi; pushed or pressed), squares or rectangles of pressed rice topped with vinegared or cooked fish, made in a wooden mold.
  • Stuffed sushi, including chakin-zushi or fukusa-sushi, ingredients wrapped in a thin egg crêpe &
    inari-sushi, with ingredients stuffed into a small pouch of fried bean curd (tofu).
  • Sashimi is sliced fish that is served with a bowl of regular boiled rice on the side
    (meaning: “pierced body,” and may derive from the culinary practice of keeping the fish’s tail and fin with the cut slices to identify the fish being eaten).